Bed Lifting Aids

Quiet Knight Mattress Raiser

The Quiet Knight Mattress Raiser is a bed aid used for raising and lowering the mattress to facilitate easy transfer into and out of bed. This sturdy mattress raiser can also help users with respiratory difficulties as it provides a more comfortable sleeping angle. The Quiet Knight Mattress Raiser is simple to install and easy to use for all sizes of bed, from 712 mm to 1524 mm. Not for use on adjustable beds.

Comfort Knight Pillow Raiser

The Comfort Knight Pillow Raiser bed aid enables one person to be safely raised and lowered in comfort, independently of any other occupant of the bed. This sturdy pillow raiser is powered by an extremely quiet actuator and is covered with a purpose made contoured mattress, finished in vinyl. Cotton covers are available.Suitable for use on the majority of beds. Not suitable for use with an adjustable bed.

Set of 4 Screw Fixing Bed Raisers (VG 824)

Black Wooden Bed Raisers to increase the height of beds. To raise the height of your bed, simply remove the existing castors and insert the set of bed raisers. Available in various sizes.

Houghton Electric Folding Bed

The Houghton hospital bed is an electronically actuated acute care bed which is appropriate for adult patient care allowing, if required, the patient to adjust their own position in the bed. Alternatively the bed position can be locked. The bed is classed as mobile equipment and can be fitted with side rails, IV pole and lifting pole. The height and various angles of the bed can be changed by a hand control which has a battery back up system. The bed can be powered by mains supply or secondary battery power DC 24V. Safe working load is 235kg and maximum patient weight is 200kg.One year warranty on parts and labour. Three years warranty on mechanism.

Bed Rope Ladder

The Rope Ladder Bed Hoist provides an easy way to sit up or change position in bed; simply attach the cords at the ends of the bed hoist to the legs at the foot of the bed and use the rope ladder to pull yourself up into a sitting position.

Comfort Knight Cotton Pillow

Comfort Knight Cotton Pillow to fit the Comfort Knight Pillow Raiser (VG814).

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